Insurance Message

Pediatricenter will submit your insurance claims to your primary insurance carrier.  As a courtesy, we also coordinate and submit secondary insurance claims.  Please be sure to provide our office with your most up to date insurance information.  To ensure accurate billing, we ask that you fill out an updated demographic sheet annually.  We also ask that you present your insurance card at every visit in order to verify coverage.  By law, we are required to collect co-pays at the time of the visit.  Co-pays are assigned per your agreement with your insurance carrier.  Please contact your insurance carrier directly with any questions regarding co-pays.  Several insurance plans will also assign co-insurance in lieu of co-pays.  Co-insurance is a percentage of the total bill that the member is responsible for instead of a flat rate.  We have a business office (440-720-3519) dedicated to answering any question you may have concerning fees, insurance, or other financial matters.